Wretch 32 fires Sway Diss?


It was one of those ‘wait a minute… did he just say what I thought he said..’ moments in the Muvu HQ. We were busy listening to the multifaceted, and musically brilliant Wretchercise for the second time round, and the office fell silent just at the right time. We had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure, but sure as water is wet, Wretch 32 appears to take a swing at British Hip Hop veteran Sway DaSafo in his track ‘Lord Knows’ featuring Squeeks. We don’t know what ‘little Derek’ has done to ignite Wretch’s fuse, but it appears to have infuriated the London MC.  In one of the most lyrically passionate tracks on the Wretchercise Mixtape, an uncharacteristically angered Wretch appears to be venting his frustration in several directions… first of all he comes at the media for their selective reporting, quoting:

[quote style=”1″]’I’m a stunt for everyone on a slave ship…
you probably hear that and get mad at me,
but I just gave a year’s salary to charity'[/quote]

He then goes on talk extensively about the pressures of life, family and the economy, before closing his contribution with brutal 4 bars aimed at his closest competition in the UK. He begins…

[quote style=”1″]’picking rappers out my teeth,
Nigg*z swagger jacking me,
Sway you couldn’t pay my taxes for a week…'[/quote]

If that wasn’t enough to make you say ‘Jheeeeze’, he goes on…

[quote style=”1″]’…My albums on the plane,
Still rapping on the street,
So how the f*ck are you getting on top of me, huh?'[/quote]

We don’t know much about the history of this beef, and we don’t like to promote beef much, as the UK scene has stayed pretty close knit so far… but nonetheless, if you’re going to bring beef, you need to come with that ‘Ether’ and Wretch 32 certainly did. We like the track, LOVE the passion and look to see if there’s a lyrical response from the very able Sway in the next few weeks. As long as it stays hip hop and doesn’t spill into real life, we think a bit of verbal sparring can’t do any harm.

Track: Lord Knows
Release: Wretchercise (Free Download Link HERE)
Diss Starts: 01:20mins


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