Villagers, The Waves #vidoftheweek

What do you get when you cross a Windows XP screensaver with some ultra smooth neo-folk-electronica?  Answer – a very cool and addictive sounding music video – (not to mention, the ideal visual stimulation to get reefered (or rufee’d) to, depending on your preference).  For those of you that, like us, prefer to enjoy music in sobriety, thankfully, The Villagers awesome ‘Waves’ is equally as enjoyable without the aid of your local narcotics distributor!  In fairness, the video alone was awkwardly compelling enough for us to have chosen this as our vid of the week… the fact that the song is conveniently cool sounding only acted as a bonus.  Now, we’re not going to pretend to be knowledgable about all things ‘Village’ related – in truth, this song was a baptism into their sound, but we’re enjoying the submersion thoroughly.  This song is insanely addictive, utilising hypnotic yet cooly played 808 tom loops beneath a layer of simplistic synth sounds (reminiscent of early analogue releases).  This hasbeen overlayed adventurously with a delicious range of guitar, organ and piano riffs that break in periodically to really chill the experience… the song unexpectedly bursts into a live-sounding crescendo mid-way, before collapsing into an over-driven lead conclusion.  Phew!

The video is thankfully less complicated, but the end goal is identical.  If the intention was not to create a ‘trip’ for those married to Juana, they’ve at least succeeded in making unpredictably excitably chilled track that has won then some new followers in the MUVU office.  Those of you situated in and around London, be sure to check them out at Brixton Academy on October 22.

Villagers new single is called ‘The Waves’ and is due for release on October 22nd, but you can buy it on iTunes now:

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