Tulisa releases ‘Young’, right on time too!

Is it just me, or does the timing of the release seem a little bit suspect. I mean, it was just 4 days ago that Tulisa ‘sex’ tape (mild fellatio) flooded the Internet. A day or 2 later, Tulisa releases a video blog, confessing and drawing on the excuse of being ‘young’ and naive. Then, all but a day or 2 later releases a video that seems to have been recorded in support of the very blog. The problem being, the video was shot weeks, if not months in advance of this whole affair. It does leave one thinking how much of a scandal this whole scenario is! The music industry, eh. Any publicity is good publicity. The one thing that goes without saying is that there is NO WAY this video is going to be overlooked by anyone now. Prepare for widespread acceptance and playlisting. In all honesty, it’s a pretty decent track in our humble opinion.

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