Tinchy Stryder ft. Camille, Help Me – #vidoftheweek 16/08/12

Tinchy Stryder is back.  It’s fair to say that this young media entrepreneur has probably been a little busy over the past few months.

July saw the official launch of his Cloud 9 headphones (in partnership with Goji), which at a fraction of the price of Dre beats will probably give the American hip hop mogul a real run his money.  Aside from that, since the release of Bright Lights (ft. Pixie Lott) at the start of the year, Tinchy has had his head in the books (accounts) probably mulling over the income and expenditure of his various enterprises that make up the Star in the Hood empire.  Well, we’re glad to see that the time off has had a positive effect on his music!  In Help Me, he veers more towards the ‘hard-spitting’ lyrical hip hop artist that drew so many UK grime lovers to become followers of his movement.  OK, let’s be honest, it’s not a complete renaissance, this is nothing like 2007 Tinchy.  Tinchy has made it clear that he’s on a ‘new path’ with his music now.  However, dedicated followers who have known Tinchy since the days of Channel U (when he was still trying to make ‘mainstream money’) will appreciate the little glimpses of old skool Tinchy that show up in this track.  We’re not sure if its subject matter or delivery, but it’s there!

The video itself is a great visual experience, and might be slightly confusing concept to people at first glance… after all, UK rapper, US, hood, church… what’s going on!  But Tinchy actually pays some due respect to the much overlooked Katrina victims and survivers by filming this disaster struck Louisiana, and communicates their ability to overcome adversity with the help of God through some quite moving visuals. This really puts some bigger US artists to shame, who all but chose to ignore the subject.  In that context, the hook singing ‘God Help Me’ really takes on a new meaning.  The vocalist ‘Camille’ also does a simply amazing job on this track and really takes the track to new places with her contribution.  So big respect for using your influence in a meaningful way Tinchy, and we think this is a well earned Vid of the Week.

Release date is September 16

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