The Police shut down the OMA’s for no good reason…

This morning, like most of the UK’s underground street music scene, we were looking forward to an evening of community appreciation and the opportunity for young Grime/Rap artists to be recognised for their talent and hard work.  The Official Mixtape Awards, unlike many other UK music events that have been hijacked by soulless multinationals remains a culture centered award show, organised and run by people who love the music.  That’s what makes the Metropolitan Police’s decision to shut down the show all the more confusing.  The cancellation letter reading:

“Surprisingly in our 3rd year the Metropolitan police have decided not to let us go ahead with our event tonight in Watford. Their reason for it is that we -Official Mixtape Awards “are supporting criminals ” they went on to say that “everyone nominated for an awards are criminals and shoot people” … The police stated that they are acting on information they were given.. ”

What’s all the more frustrating about the Metropolitan Police, it that they are now seemingly targeting any and all event’s containing UK Grime Acts and that it is ultimately counter-productive to their cause.  To explain, let’s assume the role of ignorance for a minute and pretend that the fictitious claim that all Grime artists are fugitive murderers with pending warrants out for their arrest [rolls eyes] is true, then surely it would be a good thing that they find a legitimate outlet for passing time and making revenue like music.  Doesn’t it make sense that if these ‘murderers’ are consumed in their music, that they’re not out…. well… murdering?!  Or involved in other illegal activities like violence and drug dealing.  It was only last week that we blogged about how the Trident have successfully deliberately almost successfully sidelined the career of Britain’s first breakthrough rap act, Giggs.  It seems that they are so happy with their ability to play God in the careers of young inner-city musicians that they are now casting their net wider and more clumsily, targeting any and every event that has a young black headliner as a potential threat to the peace.
Lets forget the local pubs that week in week out host violent and disorderly masses with no threat of conviction… let’s ignore the fact that Jay-Z, 50 Cent and a host of other US rappers who have based their careers on the glorification of drug-dealing and/or murder are allowed to book out arenas with the blessing of the Metropolitan Police… let’s also forget that most of the support for Grime artists come not from their peers but school-age youth across Britain.

Instead, lets just destroy every attempt that these young men/women are making to better themselves and claim that we are doing the community a service by forcing them to pursue other means to make a living than making music.  Well, we for one would like to let the Met know that we don’t support this methodology, and as a part of the community, it is important that the interests of all are taken into account.  This includes the interests of artists and organisers, who ultimately are the victims here.  Victims of discrimination, clumsy policing, bullying and culture-based stereotype.  It seems like the democratic right of certain cultures and classes doesn’t seem to count for much these days…

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