Wretch 32 fires Sway Diss?

  It was one of those ‘wait a minute… did he just say what I thought he […]

Can we have a moment to appreciate this beat!!!

Seriously, can we just have a moment to appreciate one of the hardest Hip Hop beats that […]

Have Giff Gaff made the best viral ad of modern times?

No doubt, if you’re a YouTube regular, you’ve probably seen this ad already as it’s been circulating […]

This kid’s got mad buzzle…

It’s not often that we meet an artist and feel like we’ve been missing something, but that’s […]

Youngs Teflon can tell a story…

It’s no secret that here in the MUVU HQ, we’re not much fans of street culture glorification, […]

Throwback: Fugees, Nappy Heads

Only real hip-hop officionado’s will appreciate this one. Our throwback for the week is a classic that […]

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