SHIQUE London choose Nigeria’s top 10 clubs!

Nigeria is without a doubt the party district of the African universe… so when someone makes the daring decision to create a ‘hot-list’ of the best clubs in Nigeria, revelers and afrobeat lovers are bound to take notice.

One of the UK’s most exciting upcoming brands has decided to do just that!

In one of the most anticipated ‘Hot-Lists’ to hit Nigeria in recent times, SHIQUE London will be pitting Nigeria’s biggest and boldest Night Clubs in a head-to-head to find out just which clubs are ‘exclusive’ enough to host their introduction to the African continent.

(Shiquing), the latest craze to hit London’s affluent middle class is now coming to Nigeria.  SHIQUE London, who produce a line of luxury cocktail flavoured, nicotine-free e-cigarettes, now has its sights set on the Nigerian market. The London-based company have announced their intention to select the 10 most ‘exclusive’ venues across Nigeria to launch the SHIQUE London brand in Nigeria.  The winning 10 will will enjoy exclusive access to the luxury line of SHIQUE London flavoured e-pens before they go on sale for general release.

London-born CEO, Andrew Tayo, released this statement: “This product is all about taste and exclusivity, something that Nigerians value more than any other people.  Our initial introduction to the Nigerian market has given us reason to think that the demand for SHIQUE London is going to greatly outweigh what we initially had planned for our launch.  It’s all very exciting!”

SHIQUE London will be announcing their top 10 shortlist in the coming month to coincide with the launch of their international website.  Watch this space for updates!

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