Rival, Late Nights Early Mornings #vidoftheweek

Ok, so we’ve needed a new #vidofweek for a little more than a while now. To say it’s overdue is an understatement, unfortunately a whole load of administrative changes have meant we haven’t been able to post as many of the new UK music tunes that you love us for introducing you to. But hopefully, our new vid of the week from Rival will more than make up for it.
Our first EVER ‘grime’ vid of the week had to be good, and this track moved us. The video is emotional and stunningly directed, the song itself is brilliant, well written, amazingly produced, and hopefully a message to masses that Grime has finished it’s short nap. In the face of the inevitable ‘Grime is dead’ remarks, Rival stays true to what he does best, but even better than that, he infuses elements of musical skill and listenability that allow his form of Grime to transcend audiences, and ultimately, its the completeness of this track that allowed it to ascend to our weekly spot of musical glory. Everything from the well sung hook, moody visuals and moving lyrics will keep you replaying this simple yet brilliant track. Well done Rival!

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