Rascals, Fire Blaze #vidoftheweek

Oh my GOD!  A few weeks ago… maybe even a couple of months ago, we reviewed the Rascals debut offering, and spoke about the talent of the quartet, and their awesome potential.  The track  and the video were strong, but we definitely felt the lads had more to offer.  The progression was fast, with their second release and video ‘What’s Going Down’ dropping just a month later, and displaying a notable improvement in sound.  However, with this latest release (also hitting the scene with the familiar one month interval), they have actually ‘blazed’ it out of the water!  Fire Blaze steps away from the strict hip hop sound that the group have endorsed on their first two releases, leaning more toward a hybrid dubstep sound… and boy oh boy, does it work for them.  Everything about this track seems to fall together nicely… and it also showcases the immense vocal capabilites of Kay Willz, who as yet has been making his stamp more as an emcee than a vocalist.

Also, let’s also talk about the video… a notable step up in terms of visuals and execution.  It looks polished, and successfully compliments an anthem sounding track with some epic looking slow-mo’s and indulgent lighting.  All in all, the Rascals seem to be making a statement of intent with this track and we have a feeling that it’s going to win them a truck load of new fans… FIRE UP!

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