Sneakbo, Zim Zimma

These days, Sneakbo is a superstar… when did that happen anyway?  He’s one of those artists that seems to have grown in every aspect.  He’s like the musical equivalent of Vegeta (an analogy only Dragonball Z fans will appreciate), but in his case, fighting level is manifest in the form of lyrical ability, swag, and quality, that with every ‘smash’ release push him closer to the status of Super Saiyan… I mean star… superstar.

It’s fair to say that everyone’s watching to see the next move of the  emperor of Jetskiwave.  The thing about Sneakbo is that (like Vegeta’s Gallick Gun attack – may as well ride with the Dragonball analogy), he know’s where his strength lies.  He doesn’t overcomplicate things, and like Drake identified, he just ‘knows’ what a beat a requires to sound good.  His flow doesn’t chop and change too much, because, to be frank he isn’t out to make you say wow, he’s out to make you say ‘aaaaard!’ and somehow he delivers with each track.

This latest release, Zim Zimma, is no exception.  In fact, if you listen carefully,  you’ll already be able to hear it’s less than gentle vibrations pulsating up the shores of just about every coastal region South of Central Europe, this owing to some deadly studio work.  This track even blasts on the bassless output of my Sony Vaio Laptop, leaving me scratching my rapidly decreasing hairline in amazement.  Not only that, but the video is another example of Sneakbo’s ascendance into immortality. Away with the SLR’s the production has graduated into something a little more punchy and serious, with well executed super slow-mo’s and some thoroughly luscious VV (video-vixen) support, he’s created something that will probably have no problem getting airplay and love on National TV.

The most incredible thing about the rise of Sneakbo, is that like his Saiyan counterpart, he’s achieved it pretty much entirely independent of major label support.  It’s the kind of example that we hope will become more common-place as music continues to become more socially (as opposed to privately) owned.  Good Video, Good Song, Super Artist!


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