Rebecca Ferguson, Backtrack

When I first heard/saw this song by the incredible Rebecca Ferguson, I can’t decide which urge was stonger: The one to dance, or the one to slap her stylist/make up artist for making her look 45 years old!

Simco, in our opinion, one of the LAZIEST record labels around (circa Leona Lewis & Little Mix), they lackadaisically release around 1-2 singles a year, and we don’t think this is beneficial to their artists.  This sloth-like approach to promotion  its seems is endemic, as apparently, they also have a lazy styling team.  Sort it our Simon!  Rebecca’s a beautiful young girl, with an amazing voice (singing that is,  when you forget what her spoken voice sounds like!).  Please don’t make her look like this AGAIN.  What is good about this label is the quality of the releases… I guess they opt for the ‘less is more’ approach to music, so when the singles do come, they are good and we really like this one.

It’s catchy, rhythmic and really compliments that beautiful, husky, unbelievably sultry tones of Miss Ferguson.  All in all, we just want to see more of her, so please don’t make us wait a year for the follow up.  Oh, and feel free dock her styling team’s Christmas bonus, courtesy of Muvu!


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