Moya, Making Me Fall

Making Me Fall is a great release little release from newbie Moya, it’s a simple, upbeat and elegant song that sort of falls within that pop-come-classic-neo-soul hybrid area of music, that has really been catapulted in the UK thanks to the like of Duffy and Amy Winehouse.

It’s not an overly complex arrangement, and thankfully, this leaves enough room for Moya to showcase a really clean and soulful vocal performance.  It’s a safer and more radio-compatible (if I’m aloud to say) release than her earlier edgier video (lost and found), but we think it’s a better song for it.  The instrumental is beautifully constructed, and the vocals are arranged superbly… there is a little awkward moment with the introduction of Neil Thomas (the male vocalist) 2/3 into the song.  We really liked her vocal and would have loved to have her layering her own vocal, as it really does swing the song away from Soul and right into pop, but that’s not a criticism in as much as it is a personal taste thing, and we’re sure some people will love that little addition, calling us crazy!

All in all, this is the first time we’ve heard from Moya and we’ll be looking forward to hearing more from this upcoming starlet.  Allegedly, Wiley’s interested in a collaboration, and with his recent chart success, she’d be odd’s-on cert for a fast-track to stardom if that rumour plays out!


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