Michael Gray ft. Roll Deep – Weekend

Some remixes are just meant to be forgotten, and some remixes are just meant to be.

If ever there was a lesson to be taught on how to reinvent a classic without screwing it up, then Roll Deep and Michael Gray should lecture on the course.  Many people might not appreciate the levels of expectation that come when touching a globally loved classic, like this one, all you can really do is screw it up, but Michael Gray, courtesy of some brilliant feature work by Roll Deep has done the impossible and reprised a classic to 2012 standards in an almost perfect revision.  I wasn’t expecting to like this track, let alone have it on repeat… a club anthem given a new lease of life in a fashion that only Roll Deep could have achieved… the club-night credentials of both sets of artists proved to be the ultimate recipe for success.

The video is… well, let’s just say there won’t be many complaints from the male viewers!  Here’s to another 5 years of having this track on repeat…


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