Marvell, London To Atlanta

A heavy bass and some smooth lyrics and flows take us all the way to Atlanta! The Marvell boys are back with a new song that showcases their artistic development. The track provides a refined sound which is a lot different from what we have come to expect from the cartel.

Not amazing but the song is decent and is definitely heavily inspired by the hip-hop sound which originates from the US. However, we feel that Double S (who appears as the lead artist in the group) overshadows the two other MC’s on the track. The have feature from Double (Chorus and first verse) makes the track feel more like his own song with features rather than a Marvell song; which ultimately creates a lack of consistency.

The Marvell boys try to draw in on creativity in the video, with the use of scenery effects and camera tricks. Although this is something we don’t regular see from UK artists, we feel that the video isn’t that great. The hook references Atlanta and a video set in such a location would arguably have been more suitable (suggestion); as we feel the current video scenery and setting fails to match up with the song.
However, we do applaud the groups will to challenge and experiment with sounds and visuals.


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