Little Mix, Wings

X-Factors first girl group to lift the esteemed (non-existent) television trophy for winning the smash-hit reality show, Little Mix, have FINALLY released a follow-up single to the winners song which saw them top the charts some 8 months ago!  That’s right, it’s been nearly a year since we saw the minature Spice-Girls-Aloud wowwing the British public (and the judges) with their renditions of  Katy Perry and En Vogue classics under the masterful (though sometimes cunning) guidance of Tulisa.

However, that was a long time ago, and under a million hits for a song released some 4 days ago, for a band as well known as Little Mix is telling of the effort their going to have to put in to win back their teeny-boppy fanbase.  Kids (especially teenage girls) have short attention spans, and move on… quickly!  In fairness to them, they haven’t been sleeping all of this time, the song has all the right ingredients, and the girls are looking a more grown up outfit, ready to also begin woo-ing the young boys club in a more direct manner.  In this video, they’re showing just enough skin to get the Year 10 football team using the words ‘fit’, ‘peng’ and ‘buff’ openly in a packed minibus, but keeping enough hidden to keep mothers saying ‘awwwww, what great role models!’.

The stand-out thing about these girls is that they have real tangible, noticeable talent.  They can sing… very well.  They are no Girls Aloud, and this is no Wannabe (no disrespect to the earlier mentioned girl groups).  The potential being that they look like they’re going to grow into a very sought after outfit, and real talent lasts… just ask Beyonce.  Obviously, they’re not there yet, and they could have done without the 8-month hiatus, but we’re glad they’re back on the radar and anxious to see more of the same.  The song’s catchy and to say the video is high energy is an understatement… it’s a great follow up single, we just wish they’d released in 5 months earlier, then in might have already clocked up 20x the hits!  Put some pepper in your pants Simon!


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  1. Little Mix are growing up!

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