Cleo Sol, Never The Right Time

When I first heard this track cruising… well not so much cruising as stuck in traffic… on the A40, but I felt like I was cruising, the song is THAT good.

We had heard a lot about Cleo Sol in the lead up to this single, and a few pretty outstanding acoustic’s that are fluttering about online, but this track superseded even those, it’s a mini-masterpiece.  Everything from the huge production, 60’s soulful vocal’s and brilliant writing make for real musical experience… I still find myself turning up the volume when this track comes on.

I was even more shocked when I went to Youtube to find that the track is recieving more than a fair share of stick for ‘allegedly’ being a Beyonce soundalike track?!  An utterly ridiculous accusation, not only since Beyonce has pretty much revolutionised the female vocal approach for every good female singer in Cleo’s generation, but also because so much about the way she sings this track is original and distinctly Cleo’s soul (excuse the pun).

We’re not going to lie, aspects of the video, from the overtly pink hues, to the outfit’s worn by the backing dancers are reminiscent of some of Bey’s director cuts, but we’ll put this down more to influence than a deliberate attempt to clone.  Cleo Sol, in this song has released a track that will potentially garner a huge following from Soul/RnB listeners worldwide.  We have the feeling the international interest in the Cleo Sol brand will rise considerably as a result of this track.

In a time when the UK are being looked upon as musical trend setters it seems Cleo may have found the perfect time to export her music!



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