Angel, Wonderful

Angel’s been present on the Island records roster for a little while now.  In spite of releasing 2 rather electric debut singles, he’s failed to make the kind of chart impression that we’re sure the Universal Group know that he’s capable of.   Go in Go hard, his second relese featuring Wretch 32 dissappointly only peaked at no. 41, raising questionmarks about the level of support this talented singer/writer/producer is recieving from UK audiences.

However, we’re hoping that the tides are changing with the latest release ‘Wonderful’.  Produced by Parker and James (who seem to have a knack for creating breakthrough singles, just ask Jessie J), the song is creatively refreshing and musically inspiring.  We were pleasantly surprised and impressed not because Angel hasn’t showcased this talent, but with how much growth the song displays.  It has that crossover mainstream sound that will mean it appeals to both dedicated Urbanites and Radio 1 listeners.  The UK singer finally seems to be establishing his sound, and quite a sound it is.

Angel’s vocals definitely make the song come to life and this reflected in the visuals. We like the look of the video, it complements the song well, incorporating (sensibly) high speed capture for slow motion gives the video an almost ‘epic’ feel, without quite achieving it.  A slow motion dove makes up for the most creative visual and actually coincides well with the songs meaning, as opposed to being a random visual.  Some of the ending stills random people looking at the camera seem a little redundant, but hey, slow motion forgives a multitude of blah.   Angel seems like a potential saviour for male UK RnB artists, where previously many have faltered, will Island have the patience to see this starlet into the stardom that we’re sure is on the way?  That will surely depend on how the track performs in the charts, with cash-strapped record labels becoming very impatient, it would be a shame for this great talent not to be realised.  So buy the track, and support great music!

Utilising synths, old skool drum and bass loops with a new style of production, this record feels like a ‘Wonderful’ (lol) fusion of sounds.

Salute Angel (and good luck!).


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