Ali Ingle, Tornado

It’s not always a pleasant surprise being bombarded with requests to feature and review new music, but occasionally we get sent some real gems… enter Ali Ingle.

Presented in a not-so-made-up, but increasingly popular understated and unglamourised package, the young Liverpudlian has an appeal that will instantly be taken on by lovers of sultry melodies and acoustic ballads.  With a rather red barnet and acoustic guitar accompaniment to much of his music, the comparison’s to Newton Faulkner and Ed Sheeran will be rife… we don’t doubt a degree of influence from both to shape this young talent, but he stands out as an individual artist with a deeply entrancing and more soulful folk vocal that was probably perfecting his craft before either of these better known artists managed to achieve stardom.  In short, he doesn’t sound like a newbie.

Ali’s EP ‘The Man and the Monster’ is currently for sale on ITunes, and judging by the amount of Youtube views the great sounding release has, we can readily assume that he is very new and undiscovered talent, but we have a feeling such a talent will garner a following in no time.

The video itself is a creative, fun (if not slightly amateur) attempt at recreating a complex relationship using childlike imagery to communicate innocence and simplicity.  It’s really heart warming, and only the lack of film directing discipline will prevent viewers from hitting replay 7-10 times.   That being said, it’s great to see independent artist, working to budget producing quirky and imaginative videos as a means to establish a web presence.  With a slightly higher push for quality it could have a real corker, but that being said it’s good enough to get him circulated and was good enough for us to replay the track a few times… so in that case job well done!

We really look forward to hearing more from this young up and coming talent, and hopefully will organise an interview in the coming weeks to get to know him better a little better.  If you like the music you can buy the EP from this link:


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  1. Cool song… talented guy…

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