Dot Rotten, Karmageddon

Dot Rotten unexpectedly ‘sings it up’ in his latest release. The grime expert has turned his sound to something considerably more mainstream, and it’s pretty catchy.

Mic Righteous, Hold It Down

Teaming up with SBTV he’s managed to produce a video and a track showing a lighter side… and it’s really good! Nothing epic, but it will make you crack a smile at some point, and that’s always a nice thing.

Angel, Fazer, Stooshe & Tyler James – Wish I

A brilliantly composed song that is very well written, showing the young NDubz founding member has every intention on duplicating the talent that launched him to super-stardom a few years back.

Sincere ft. Popcaan, Love We Bad

Every now and then a lil’ bit of dancehall creeps into our midst… and this one seems to be ‘hot like fire’ in terms of requests.

Sway ft. Mr Hudson, Charge

This track is a corker! From literally 00.1… Mr Hudson does an immense feature on a track you’ll like, even if your not totally into the whole dance genre.

Wiley ft. MsD – JME – Skepta, Can you hear me

It’s also GREAT to finally see MsD, in Heatwave, we can only think she was submerged beneath a sea of blonde

Example, Close Enemies

Example continues to do what he does best and releases a sultry two-step classic.

Rascals, What’s Going Down

Rascals release a great follow up video to ‘Ape Shit’. ‘What’s Going Down’ is harder hitting and beat is a nothing short of a banger. It’s a great video too!

Sneakbo, Zim Zimma

Sneakbo is like the musical equivalent of Vegeta (an analogy only Dragonball Z fans will appreciate

Michael Gray ft. Roll Deep – Weekend

Some remixes are just meant to be forgotten, and some remixes are just meant to be.

Bobii Lewis, Grenade

It’s officially red head season in British Music.

Mike Delinquent ft. Lady Leshurr, Step in the Dance

This track is more proof that Lady Leshurr has no intentions of relinquishing her crown as the ‘Queen of UK Hip Hop’

Rascals, Ape Shit

The Rascals go in on a beat that must literally have been inspired by some really strong piff….

Dappy, Good Intentions

Dappy shows us his good intentions

Ti2bs ft. Sway, Black Dynamite

Ti2bs – pronounced tibbs… or tee-too-bees or ti-toobs… we’re not sure!?

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