Angel, Fazer, Stooshe & Tyler James – Wish I

A brilliantly composed song that is very well written, showing the young NDubz founding member has every intention on duplicating the talent that launched him to super-stardom a few years back.

Misha B, Do You Think Of Me

Misha B release the video to her stunning second single ‘Do you think of me’. It’s moving and, we think, slightly epic!

Charlie Brown ft. Ms D & Yungen, Dependency

A fantastic little release by Charlie Brown with some brilliantly selected features from Ms. D and Yungen.

Daley ft. Jessie J, Remember Me

Daley makes a HUGE mainstream debut by featuring a newly ‘sex-appealed’ Jessie J in this funky remix of a blaxplotation classic.

Ianna Harvey, Top Gear

In the spirit of Sway’s smasher ‘Still Speeding’, newbie, Ianna Havery gives us an addictive dub-step track following the same theme.

Rebecca Ferguson, Backtrack

It’s catchy, rhythmic and really compliments that beautiful, husky, unbelievably sultry tones of Miss Ferguson.

Dappy, Good Intentions

Dappy shows us his good intentions

Moya, Making Me Fall

It’s a simple, upbeat and elegant song that sort of falls within that pop-come-classic-neo-soul hybrid area of music.

Plan B – Deepest Shame

Plan B fuses the two worlds of hip hop and neo-soul music seemlessly in this latest release.

Cleo Sol, Never The Right Time

I first heard this track stuck in traffic, but I felt like I was cruising, the song is THAT good.

Kyra ft Cashtastic, Good Love

Kyra shows us how to feel that good love!

Angel, Wonderful

UK vocalists Angel releases a video for the song ‘Wonderful’!

Misha B, Home Run

Former xfactor contestant releases her first video…Home Run!

Marvell, London To Atlanta

The London trio release their new song and video, which takes you from London to Atlanta!

Coldplay & Rihanna, Princess Of China

UK megastars Coldplay link up with Rihanna for a Chinese inspired collaboration!

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