Plan B ft. Labrinth, Playing with Fire #Vidoftheweek

There was ooodles of competition for the vid of the week spot.  With strong competition from Misha B and Fazer & Co, but none of the above quite had us captivated like this classiness of this release.  When you team up Plan B and Labrinth, you know you’re in for something epic.  Both are singer, songwriter, composers, with an immense grounding of musical talent in multiple disciplines.  Both have an unspoken, understated natural coolness that defines them.  And both produce time-transcendent un-gimicky, truly listenable music.  This song is no exception.

Plan B continues down the road of being politically outspoken (something we wish more artists would do) and is defiant in his defence of the British working class that continually seems to be sustaining lashing at the hand of lazy and prejudiced media outlets.  That being said, we weren’t sure how much this video actually promoted stereotypes above reality, and would have liked to have seen more careful casting choices made as this would have really helped Plan B’s noble cause have greater impact on what is a very judgemental middle England.

That being said, no one in mainstream UK music is even coming close to displaying even mild class/political preferences, so kudos for what we deem as a valiant attempt to force eduction on the masses.  All this wrapped up in an awesomely attractive video, with some really epic cinematography means the artist come filmmaker has produced something of real significance and its a well earned vid of the week.

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