Labrinth has got that festival appeal…

OK, so  this is the second time we’ve blogged about Labrinth in as many days… forgive me, we’re fans!  I think I’ve heard it stated many times that no one can quite pull a crowd like a live rock band.  This is true, and bar Michael Jackson, its been quite the norm for Live Rock bands to dominate the bookings of fields and arena’s for tours.  However, it seems now that the tide is turning, with the rise of Pop, RnB and Hip Hop acts that seems to have REALLY stepped up the performance value of their respective genre’s in such a big way, that more and more popular artists are being booked for the likes of Glastonbury and other major festivals.  Labrinth illustrates this point brilliantly with this flawless performance Live in Brighton.  All the elements of live rock come together with the swagger of pop/RnB  to form a characteristically unique offering that will knock your socks off!

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