Dru Blu ft. Stylo G – All Eyes On Me #vidoftheweek

Are we allowed to call him Don Strapzy anymore, or is that officially prohibited by iRecords?  What does is matter… this tracks an absolute BISH BASH BOSH BANGER!  Seriously, the Don, has cleaned up his image (probably to avoid Trident from shutting down his gigs… lol), rebranded and teamed up with the rising King of UK dancehall, Stylo G to produce one undeniably addictive track!

Backed by none another than Charlie Sloth (the BBC’s somewhat controversial replacement for the infamous Tim Westwood), the track went straight to no. 1 on his hood heat chart.  A metamorphosis like this is not easy, known, and loved for his unsavoury hood and gangland lyricism, Dru Blu is making the transformation into a more commercially palettable and parentally acceptable rapper.  You know womanising, jewellery toting type of rapper we all know and love… lol!  But there’s no denying that he’s good at it.

Dru seems to have everything from swag, to flow, to style on POINT and he’s making the crossover that artists like Scorcher and Giggs struggled to make look rather easy.  All be it, there has been less resistance to his metamorphosis, he still deserves kudos!

All in all, Genius track, and thevideo (produced by Elmino) isn’t bad either!  Not quite mainstream quality, but who cares, it’s got high energy and women, the only ingredients needed for this kind of track!  A well deserved Vid of the Week!

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