A Range of interesting and challenging positions as part of the UBand Group
An internship with UBand Group provides applicants with the opportunity to obtain real world experience in a rapidly growing media company spanning several disciplines within the music industry. Our internships provide on-the-job training by allowing interns to gain full hands-on experience in a variety of departments.  They will be encouraged to follow projects from inception to completion, allowing them to increase their understanding of how the music and media industry work.


Professional Development
In addition to providing industry experience, we ensure that our interns get the most out of their internship with our company. Internships will inevitably involve lots of exciting off-site events and opportunities really giving tremendous insight and experience.


Please keep in mind that our internships are unpaid.

To qualify for an internship you must:

  • be currently enrolled at, or recently graduated from an accredited college/university;
  • make a commitment of at least 15 hours per week; and
  • be able to receive college credit for your internship and A LETTER OF PROOF MUST BE SUBMITTED. (Negotiable)

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