Labrinth has got that festival appeal…

OK, so  this is the second time we’ve blogged about Labrinth in as many days… forgive me, […]

Can we have a moment to appreciate this beat!!!

Seriously, can we just have a moment to appreciate one of the hardest Hip Hop beats that […]

Have Giff Gaff made the best viral ad of modern times?

No doubt, if you’re a YouTube regular, you’ve probably seen this ad already as it’s been circulating […]

This kid’s got mad buzzle…

It’s not often that we meet an artist and feel like we’ve been missing something, but that’s […]

Labrinth, raising the bar for the UK. FULL STOP.

Labrinth has been setting himself apart from the competition for some time.  In many ways, the unsung […]

Music is a tool for 'social change', it's not a bad word... MIA

In an age where musicians are becoming increasingly muted, some are refusing to stay silent. MUVU takes this time to salute MIA for her commitment to address social injustices.

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