SHIQUE London choose Nigeria’s top 10 clubs!

Nigeria is without a doubt the party district of the African universe… so when someone makes the […]

The Police shut down the OMA’s for no good reason…

This morning, like most of the UK’s underground street music scene, we were looking forward to an […]

Ny Spotted getting ‘Cosy’ with Drake

UK’s singer Ny, who just last week dropped a video for her new single ‘Music’ on VEVO, […]

Maxsta overcoming adversity…

Overcoming adversity is a decent sound bite. It’s one of those honourable sounding human characteristics that everyone […]

My work rate is work late, I need the dough!

This is precisely why you see Manchester born Lyrican blowing up right now, he has the right mentality.  It’s simple really, if you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the rewards, only a rapper could say that all in so few words!  If you haven’t checked out the vid for ‘Simon Cowell’, it’s pretty fun to.    We hope the work rate pays off!

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