Beyonce’s Sexy Comeback

Global superstar Beyonce showed off her post baby body on cover of American GQ magazine’s February “The 100 Sexiest Women of The 21st Century” issue.

The 31-year-old mother of one-year-old Blue Ivy, her daughter with her husband Jay Z comes ahead of Beyonce’s American Super Bowl performance, where she will be singing the American National Anthem later this month. Bey graced GQ’s latest cover to show off her famous curves. Wearing little more than a cut off American football t-shirt & knickers Beyonce is shown seductively posing for the camera. The cover which was leaked ahead of print sent social media users into a frenzy as fans, including Nick Cannon commented on the cover. Cannon tweeted, ‘Wow, did you see Beyonce the cover of GQ?’ with a link of the cover. He later deleted the tweet, which only further ignited a barrage of commentary about the cover.


The salacious GQ cover of Bey created a frenzy on social media platforms, including Twitter. Many of the comments celebrated Beyonce’s bootylicious post-baby body, a few lambasted the artist for what they saw as badly air brushed photos and their over-sexualised nature. Some even accused her of trying to compete with 24-year-old global sensation Rihanna, who is a record artist on Beyonce’s husband’s record label Roc Nation and has cultivated a bad girl image that includes provocative imagery.


As for Grammy winning artist Beyonce, who has sold over 75 million records worldwide, and who was reportedly been paid $50 million to be the face of Pepsi and is singing at US President’s upcoming inauguration, it isn’t the first time magazine photos of her have been called into question. In 2011 the light skinned Black singer/actress appeared in Blackface in a feature entitled, “getting back to her roots” for a French magazine. There was fierce backlash to the images of light skinned Beyonce. Many found it offensive. Although, it was said that she did it in tribute to the late Nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti.

Bey’s husband Jay Z produced the broadway hit Fela!, based on part of the legendary singer’s life.

So, it seems that to remain relevant one must bare it all, even if you are Beyonce!



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